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Latest Updates
Latest Updates

Latest updates on DashboardFox, new releases and resources.

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Latest Updates

🎉 New Updates: DashboardFox v11.4 Build

New features and fixes:

The following fixes and improvements apply to DashboardFox v11.4 Build

🚀 New: Map Drill down support

🚀 New: Map Additional maps added for US states

🚀 New: App registration additional connection string parameters

🚀 New... (More)

Latest Updates

🎉 New Updates: DashboardFox v11.2 Build

A tremendous number of improvements and fixes in the latest DashboardFox update. Log into your customer portal to download and apply the latest updates.

  • Improvement: App Builder Edit Table Owners and Alias
  • Improvement: Duplicate Report Types in App... (More)