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App Building
App Building

All about the App Builder section of DashboardFox

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Yes, but by default typically SQL Express doesn't have the network communication enabled. To connect via DashboardFox configure the following.

Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager which will show this screen.

The first thing to check and update if needed... (More)

You may hear our team talk about semantic layers or meta-data layers on our videos, specifically when talking about the DashboardFox App and App Building.

The short answer, a semantic layer translates the technical details of your raw data... (More)

It's not a very useful error message, but it does have a very common reason. The error is most likely caused by one of these errors in the App Builder (and one potentially due to formulas in the Composer):

  • Applying... (More)

DashboardFox allows you to import Microsoft Excel and CSV files as a data source. This video will walk you through the process:

The key is properly formatting the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so that everything can easily be imported into DashboardFox.... (More)