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Asked a question 8 months ago

When trying to upgrade I get an error "Unable to connect to your DashboardFox instance.. existing setup"?

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This error indicates that there is not an active Upgrade License to allow updates to be applied to DashboardFox.   This error can occur if:

New Trial

You are starting a trial and you have installed DashboardFox but tried to apply the Update file before activating your trial license.   

To resolve,  log into DashboardFox (http://localhost/dashboardfox) as the default user: admin and password: dashboardfox and complete the Activation Wizard.   This will install your trial licenses, including an Upgrade license and then you can apply the update file.

Expired Upgrade License

If you are an existing customer, getting this error means that your Upgrade license has expired and the update file you are attempting to install is newer than the expiration of your Upgrade license.   

By default,  all new customers are provided with 1 year of Upgrades,  so you can contact our team or log into your customer portal to download the most recent update file prior to your Upgrade license expiration or contact us at if you think there is an error in your licenses or you wish to reinstate your upgrade license to apply the latest updates.