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What is the Upgrade + Priority Support maintenance plan?

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Included in the one-time purchase of DashboardFox software licenses, is 1 year of upgrades and priority support. 

You also have the option to purchase one or more additional years of Upgrade + Priority Support plan for a 20%-40% discount during your initial purchase of DashboardFox.  

If you do not purchase the option at the time of your initial purchase,  Upgrade + Priority Support can be renewed for 1 or more years.  

Currently,  the cost of Upgrade + Priority Support is 18% of your initial license cost.


As with any software, our team releases updates and hot fixes to our core software on a regular basis.  Typically each month there is an update file that includes both new features and fixes to reports or discovered bugs.

Priority Support

We offer 2 levels of support on our software. Community Support, which is free for all users, and Priority Support which includes specific service level agreements for response times and more concierge level support such as live screen shares to help you troubleshoot and use the features of DashboardFox.

By having an active Upgrade + Support maintenance plan, you are entitled to the most latest upgrades of the DashboardFox software and access to our priority level of customer support. However, instead of forcing you to purchase maintenance and support to continue to use the software, they are optional with DashboardFox. 

It's our job to continue to win your business by making software you continue to value.