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What is a concurrent session license?

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A concurrent session license refers to the number of users that can be logged into DashboardFox at exactly the same time.

With our licensing, you can provide access to as many people in your organization and assign them to be any role (view-only, composer, app builder, or admin).  The only limitation is how many users can be logged in at exactly the same time.

If you have 3 concurrent session licenses,  then 3 people can be logged in simultaneously.  If a 4th person tries to log in, they would get an alert that all licenses are in use and to try again in 15 minutes.  

When a user logs out, or timeout, the concurrent session license they were consuming is freed up for a new user.  If they do not manually log out, by default DashboardFox will expire the session in 15 minutes of inactivity (you can configure this timeout length).

A few important details of our concurrent license:

  • Scheduled emails do not consume a login session522.  So users can schedule as many reports for email delivery as they desire and not impact who can login, in fact, this reduces the number of concurrent logins typically.
  • The out-of-the box admin505,  that we refer to as the "super admin" does not consume a concurrent session login and can also log in, irrespective of how many other users are logged in.
  • Guest viewers do not consume a concurrent session, as by default, they do not login, but are only able to view documents with a Public View Document License505 applied.  For this reason, leverage those licenses for reports that don't require advanced security, can reduce concurrent loads.

You can also learn more about the pros and cons of concurrent session licenses here506.

We also have a named user license you can learn more about here348.