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What happens to my DashboardFox software after year 1 if I don’t renew the Upgrades plan?

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Everything continues to work just as it has been.  DashboardFox is a perpetual license,  you pay once, and you are entitled to use the software as long as you need.

Here are the limitations if you do not renew the Upgrade plan:

  • You are locked into the version of DashboardFox as of the expiration of your 1 year of included upgrades. You will not be able to apply any new upgrades.
  • You'll always be able to access the installation build and your last eligible upgrade via your customer portal account in case you need to reinstall.

This means you won't have the latest and greatest features, improvements, and fixes of DashboardFox. So it's our job to keep coming out with great features to keep you as a renewing customer, but the choice is always yours.

There is one exception to this. If there is a high priority security fix or something extremely urgent, we have committed to provide a hotfix for all versions of DashboardFox in the previous 24 months, whether you have an active upgrade plan or not, so we commit to keeping your data safe.