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Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the differences between DashboardFox and Tableau?

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We listed out a few key differences that you can view on our website here -

At a high level there are a few key things:

Tableau is amazing with data visualizations and the industry leader.  So they are going to have lot more visualizations types, bells and whistles, and general interface awesomeness when it comes to converting pre-prepped data into visualizations.   While we love the visualizations in DashboardFox, we're not going to compare them to what Tableau can do.

The common thing we hear from Tableau environments is that they would never replace Tableau for their data analysts, but they do need something easier for the presentation of data ot business users.  DashboardFox fits that need.   

So in many cases, we are complimentary to Tableau, not competitive.

When data visualization is not the primary focus,  DashboardFox is competitive to Tableau.

We offer ad-hoc report building,  built-in scheduling and email notification, seamless column and data level security, and much more.

There's also the cost thing,  DashboardFox is a one-time fee for life for the software.  Tableau you're paying annually (and it gets expensive when you have more than just a few users).

And part of that cost, the licensing.  DashboardFox is concurrent session logins,  you can create as many users of any role that you need, the only limit is how many can log in at the same time.   With Tableau you have to purchase Creator licenses, viewer licenses, and various add-ons per user per month.  It adds up.

We suggest reviewing our videos on our YouTube Channel,  scheduling a live demo with our team, or starting a free trial and comparing for yourself (and let us know what you think, your feedback helps us compete better).