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Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the differences between DashboardFox and Power BI?

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There are a lot of key differences between DashboardFox and Microsoft Power BI and depending on your specific use case,  one may be better than the other for your organization.

For a breakdown of the major differences, you can see our comparison here -

At a high level:

Pricing - DashboardFox provides a one-time license fee and a concurrent session user license.  Power BI is a per user/per month charge or a per server fee (for Pro and Enterprise).   If you have more than 10 users,  DashboardFox most likely will provide a better price option (unless you are simply considering their free Desktop single user version)

Architecture - The biggest difference is in the deployment, implementation, and architecture of the tools.  DashboardFox is installed completely on your server behind your firewall, generally on a single server, and then all access is via web browser, no desktop tools, mobile apps to install, or gateways to copy data outside your firewall.  Power BI requires integration with their Azure Cloud, has desktop tools for creators, cloud server for web access, and a lot of moving parts to configure, troubleshoot, and maintain.  So in terms of cost of ownership,  DashboardFox will require less time and expertise.


Dashboards and Core Features -  While both DashboardFox and Power BI achieve the same goals,  Power BI is going to have more bells and whistles than DashboardFox.  They have 100s of developers and a billion dollar plus budget,  we are bootstrapped and scrappy.  What users who have used both tell us is that DashboardFox is leaner, more intuitive, and easier to use for their users, so they like us better than Power BI.  


Bells and Whistles -  Some of the features of Power BI that DashboardFox does not have (today):

  • GIS Mapping (we don't have native mapping visualizations yet)
  • API data feeds (we only talk to databases,  for API querying we rely on 3rd party ODBC drivers from someone like CDATA or SIMBA)
  • Sheer number of visualizations (We on purpose limit our visualization types to a core set,  Power BI has over 40 and they may have one you need that we don't)

Our take, DashboardFox has what 90% of most companies need,  if you are in need of the 10% of features that we don't have, Power BI is a better fit.


We suggest reviewing our videos on our YouTube Channel544,  scheduling a live demo514 with our team, or starting a free trial 512and comparing for yourself (and let us know what you think, your feedback helps us compete better).