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Asked a question 8 months ago

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple years of upgrades or priority support?

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Yes, you do get a discount for buying multiple years of upgrade and/or priority support in advance.

When purchased with your initial license purchase the following discounts apply, and these would extend the year that is included by default in your purchase: 

  • 1 year additional (20% discount)
  • 2 years additional (30% discount)
  • 3 years additional (40% discount)

If you do not purchase additional years of upgrades and/or support when you initially purchase, you can always renew prior to the 1 year expiration of the included plans.  The following discounts for multi-year options apply:

  • 1 year (no discount)
  • 2 years (20% discount)
  • 3 years (30% discount)