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Asked a question 2 years ago

Does DashboardFox require a database server as part of the installation?

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It does, but we include an embedded PostgreSQL database for this purpose.

DashboardFox will store all security, user, report definitions, audit logs, and other meta data in the embedded database.   If you import Microsoft Excel or CSV files, those are also stored in the DashboardFox embedded database.

We do not copy or cache any of the data in your database in the DashboardFox embedded database.  That information is queried real-time each time a document is executed and if needed, stored in memory, but never stored in the database.

While the installation of DashboardFox only allows the use of the PostgreSQL backend,  we can also configure DashboardFox to use a Microsoft SQL database as its backend database.  This could be useful for organizations that have existing MSSQL databases and which to use those for backup and recovery processes, high availability, or other performance based reasons.

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