New features and fixes:

The following fixes and improvements apply to DashboardFox v11.4 Build

šŸš€ New: Map Drill down support

šŸš€ New: Map Additional maps added for US states

šŸš€ New: App registration additional connection string parameters

šŸš€ New: Skip initial prompt feature

šŸš€ New: Lookup filter in Architect add SQL table

šŸš€ New: Support for Dremio user impersonation

šŸ”„ Enhancement: Session check optimizations

šŸ”„ Enhancement: Library performance optimizations

šŸ”„ Enhancement: Support for single dates in dashboard filters

šŸ”„ Enhancement: SQL Stored procedure list loading optimization

šŸ”„ Enhancement: Restrict SQL stored procedures by schema owner

šŸ”„ Enhancement: Premium App Service Desk r17 attachment field fixes, external ticket field added

šŸ‘šŸ½ Change: Powered by DashboardFox removed from scheduled and export emails

šŸž Bug Fix: Data grid - no results JavaScript error fixed

šŸž Bug Fix: Fix for very long SQL field names in architect and builder

šŸž Bug Fix: Schedule Group dialog save and reload proper execution time and frequency selections

šŸž Bug Fix: Schedule Group - show proper date format if server is non-US

šŸž Bug Fix: Schedule emails show carriage returns in email body text as entered in dialog

šŸž Bug Fix: Installer C++ VS 2010 SP1 download link

šŸž Bug Fix: Dashboard filter dropdown one item per line

šŸž Bug Fix: General prompt panel display issues

šŸž Bug Fix: SQL stored procedure prompt handling


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