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Licensing and Plans
Licensing and Plans

Questions about DashboardFox license types and upgrade and support plans

A concurrent session license refers to the number of users that can be logged into DashboardFox at exactly the same time.

With our licensing, you can provide access to as many people in your organization and assign them to be... (More)

All activation codes only allow one activation, so if you attempt to install DashboardFox on a new server the activation check will fail,

However, all you have to do is contact us to reset your activation code so that you... (More)

Of course one limit is that you can only have as many Public View Documents as you are licensed for. But you can always edit an existing document and remove the Public View license to reallocate to another.

The key... (More)

You do need a license, but you don't have to pay for a separate one. Included with your DashboardFox license is a dev/test environment license that includes 1, named user license, 1 concurrent session login license and 5 public... (More)