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Composer (Report Building)
Composer (Report Building)

All about the composer section in DashboardFox and tips and tricks and questions related to building reports (Documents).

A lot of this will depend on the structure of your data, but one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use a formula function, max(?).

Assuming you have a date field which marks the timestamp of each... (More)

It's not a very useful error message, but it does have a very common reason. The error is most likely caused by one of these errors in the App Builder (and one potentially due to formulas in the Composer):

  • Applying... (More)

DashboardFox allows a report builder to join data between multiple reports (or even apps/data sources). In the Composer section, the Linked Report feature starts the process of combining separate reports into one.

Linking reports together via an in-memory join or... (More)

You can find the full list with screenshot examples here -

Our goal with visualizations is to keep them to a core set that the overwhelmingly majority of business users understand. So you won't find as many options as... (More)